Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back after 2 days

13 stone.

Was hoping that figure would be in the 12sts but maybe tomorrow. We had our 2 days in Lusaka. Got lots of business done and meetings.

Eating plan went well. I had planned to go to our usual curry house for a lunch time curry. We found our usual comfort stop half way to town was closed because of illness and then the curry house was being refurbished so that was also shut.

My daughter used to work in O hagens which is more expensive but I said I would treat her to lunch so we went there. She pointed out that at the back of the menu they have weigh less options. So had a chicken breast with baked potato. Dont know if the chef knows weighless as they put a big lump of butter on the potato which I immediately removed. The next day we had the same only I told them no butter.

Rest of the meals went well. Had taken my own cereal and as we stayed in son in laws flat ( he was not there) there were no added tempations. Supper was a low fat yoghurt with cinnamon and a low cal soup. So good to feel in control and not to have put on LBs. Treated myself to a new nail varnish and lipstick.

While I was away the rain clouds came in. Do not want rain now as all the farmers are trying to get their wheat off. Too much rain and the wheat will only be good for stock feed. We had ordered the contractor for yesterday so he finished half a pivot yesterday. Husband only came in at 10pm and is starting again this morning. Have to get that wheat off in case there is more rain. Was very heavy north of Lusaka and south of Kabwe as we drove back.

Exchanged the scanner for a deskjet printer with scanning and copying buttons on the top so my husband can use it. Tried to install it on my little laptop this morning only to be told I need at least a pentium 2, memory is short as I have 96 and it needs 110 and I have IE 5 and I must have 6. So will only be able to use it on this laptop and not my old one. If I need to print from my old one will have to copy onto a flash drive and print from this machine. Having said that it prints out very nice colour photos and is a one button copier and easy enough for my husband to use.

Got all the ingredients for the stir fries tomorrow. Got some baby veg, peppers, corgettes baby corn etc. Also frozen spring rolls for a starter but I will not have that. Got some good quality soya sauce as well.

Daughter is keeping husbands birthday present which is a new set of golf clubs with bag and trolley. She will bring that up tomorrow. Its too big to wrap.

So still working towards getting under the 13st mark maybe by tomorrow.

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