Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Battle this week

12 10 1/2

I have not found this week easy. My weight went to 12 11 1/2lbs last Tuesday and then stuck there till Thurs when I left for town. I tried to only have one big meal, stay off the carbs and not eat too much but it was not easy. I bought some gerkins and olives to have as treats. Lunch on Thursday was a curry sauce and I took along my macedone veg tin and opened that to have with the curry sauce. Husband had the rice and chicken with the rest of the curry sauce.

Evening we went out to an Indian restaurant and most of the food was oily but it was our anniversary. Had stuffed aubergines as a starter and then a chicken curry and shared an ice cream with husband for dessert. Next day we had cold meat and salad for lunch and I had another tin of veg this time with slim salad dressing. Third day was granddaughters birthday so another meal out. This time had chicken breast with roasted veg and had a side order of roast butternut pumpkin.

Weight was up by 1lb on Sunday morning and by half a pound yesterday morning. This morning I am a pound less than I was a week ago so posting again. I am also wondering if my diet soups contain too much salt. It I have one at night my weight seems higher than it should be in the morning. Last night I had home made soup which I know has no salt added. Will watch that and see if I get the same effect another night.

Had my hair done on Thursday afternoon and wore new floaty suit again so felt pretty for a change! My granddaughter said Nanna you look different. So I asked Different better or different worse and she said better!!

We bought an exercise bike in Lusaka and put it together on Sunday morning. Took three of us to get it assembled! Kids have had great fun playing on it but they have to put the seat down.

Is a good one as it has a sensor on the handle bars to check you pulse. Mine starts at 74 and then goes up to the 90's. I am trying to do 6km a day. 2 am 2 afternoon and 2 pm but not going to feel a failure if I cant fit it in. Only 10 mins each time and I have it in the lounge so I can watch TV while I cycle.

Hope to get under the 12 7lb mark within the next 2 weeks. Going to do fish today.

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