Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did Not expect that

12st 11 1/2 lbs

Well that is another pound gone since yesterday and I am now under the 180lb mark by half a pound 179 1/2lbs.

I got on the scale twice this morning to check that the scale had given me the right figure. Thought maybe there was an error.

Did nothing different yesterday. Had chicken burger for lunch with potatoes and veg and 2 mugs of veg soup in the evening. Exactly the same as I have been having for the last 3 months.

End of this week is going to be tricky with being away from home. Thursday will try and have low cal soups during the day so I can have a nice meal in the evening. Will choose something with chicken or fish and preferably not fried.

Friday will be spending the day shopping and visiting friends. Saturday we are going to the bowling alley and will have lunch there for my grandaughters birthday. I am not sure what they do for lunch there as I have never been before. If not suitable for me will go into the supermarket nearby and buy something. They do salads and chicken pieces so could get something like that.

Next mini goal is to get under the 12st 7lbs. Will take me 2 to 3 weeks to do that. So by mid November. Dont think I will get under 12st by the time of my trip to UK in December but will certainly be slimmer than the last time I was over there. Found some fat photos the other day of my trip in February.

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