Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Stone gone

13 stone 2 1/4lbs

I did some blog housekeeping yesterday and went through getting rid of the posts from last years diet. This is a new diet and my last one. I will never have to do this again!

Am happy that I have achieved the 28lbs off. This is nearly half way to my first goal, I have 2 more lbs to get half way and 4 and a half to get under the 180lb mark and into the 170's. All those are achievable and I should get there in the next 2 weeks.

I bought a new pair of pretty shoes the other day and a new suit. I am not going to wait till I have my beautiful new figure before buying new clothes. Hopefully I can take the waists in or pass the clothes on if they get too big.

I am still not doing any extra exercise and hope I can finish this diet with just increasing my daily activity.

Last weeks weight loss was 3 1/2 lbs so still good for the middle section of the diet.

Am finding bones are appearing through the layers of fat and I can get my rings off my finger!

By next week hope to be nearer the 13st mark or even into the 12sts. That would be great. Still have no problem with cravings or motivation and have still not had any desire to eat more than I should.

Asked my daughter to look for the 21 day wonder diet also written by the AWW team,

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