Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Go Figure

Yesterday morning the scale showed 13st 4lbs this morning it showed 13st 3lbs! That means that I have lost 3 lbs in the last 4 days. Just does not seem possible but the scale does not lie. At least I hope it does not. This is my new scale so it should be 100%.

If I can continue losing at the rate of around 3lbs a week I shall be more than happy. Yesterday lunch was chicken pieces done in the slow cooker. I skimmed some of the fat off before adding cornflour to thicken up the sauce. Was flavoured with garlic cumin and lime. Served with steamed potatoes, spinach and cabbage, followed by a yoghurt with cinammon and sweetner. Supper was 2 bowls of veg soup made with the remains of the sauce and vegetables. Again no hunger pangs in the afternoon and no desire to overeat.

Today we are going into Mkushi so will put a chicken in the oven before we go and then do the veg when we get back.

Wore one of my dresses that had not seen the light of day for about 18 month. Had some comments at school that I looked glamorous and was asked if I had lost weight. Nice to have some compliments. Weight is a bit of a sensitive issue in Africa as someone who is losing weight may have Aids so often it is better not to comment about someones weight!

Now October so will do a body measurement today and see what the tape measure says. If I continue losing 12 lbs a month I could be 12 5 by the end of October and then 11 7 by the end of November when school finishes and I finally retire and set off to UK for a 2 week holiday. Will keep on with the no grain plan while in UK and could lose some weight there as well. Goal is in site of being under 11st for my birthday in February. Then will see if I can get under 10st again and this time stay there for the first time in my life.

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