Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OK now I am happy

I never understand how a diet works. All last week I was thinking the diet is not working for me. I am being really good but am struggling to get off quarter of a pound. Yesterday morning I was happy to see that I had lost 1 3/4 lbs last week and was down to 13.5.75. Got on the scale this morning and it clearly reads 13.4. So that is 1 3/4 lbs off since yesterday!

I wonder if my body uses up its fat cells but fills them with water waiting just in case it gets some lovely bread to bung in there again. Once it realizes that no bread is coming all of a sudden it has to get rid of the water and there is a much bigger weight loss than I expect.

Found some nice sites on south beach diet with before and after photos. Some ladies have lost over 100lbs on this eating plan.

Have had a few nice comments that I am looking good so that is motivating. I am really into this now and dont see myself going back to my old normal eating when my diet was mainly based around carbs.

I have no problems eating out as I compensate with a diet soup for the next meal. Hope to be in the 12 stones by mid October. Might even make the 11 in December for my trip to UK.

What is a revelation to me is how those cravings for sugar and bread and fatty nibbles have just vanished. I always wondered why I was the one with the weight problem, I used to dread diets because I would have cravings I could not fill for months on end. I thought better to be fat and be able to eat what I want when I want rather than denying myself for the rest of my life. But this diet is the one I have been looking for all my life. I eat big meals, I enjoy my food and I feel satisfied and I lose weight. I could not ask for more.

Hope to have lost 28lbs or 2 stone by the beginning of next week. That is half term. Only one more half term to go and then can start planning some nice holidays. Thought maybe we should go to Cape Town in January. Does not matter then if weather not too good. Then in March we could do the Mauritius trip with scuba diving. By then I should be down to my second goal weight. 9st 12lbs.

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