Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Scale weighs lower

Bought my new scale yesterday. Managed to get one that weighs in 100gms and when I opened the box and turned if over it had a setting for stones and pounds and quarter pounds same as my old one.

On the new scale I am weighing 1 and a quarter pounds less than the old one so it is a good buy!

Had no trouble sticking to the eating plan yesterday. Took my cereal and skim milk and had breakfast half way there. Then curry and rice for lunch. Found some nice weigh less soups and bought some for emergencies and had tomato and roasted red pepper cup of soup when I got home. Regular cup of soup are 100cal a cup and weighless ones are 30cals. So big difference there.

Daughter in law commented that I looked slimmer so that was an encouragement.

Still not feeling hungry having given up bread. Found an apple in my bag yesterday so had that on the way back as an afternoon snack and had a yoghurt with sweetner after my soup. Am putting cinnamon in my yoghurt and read that helps the cells to react with the insulin that is being produced.

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