Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still on the right track

Weight going more slowly now but it is still going. Hope to be in the 13.7 lbs by tomorrow.

Went out to a party yesterday. It was a lunch party so decided I could be a bit relaxed. The friend had done chicken drum sticks so I had 2 of those and then some crudites. Yellow pepper strips were yummy. So thought fine that is it. Took my own diet cokes so did not have to worry about drinks. Then she brought out lunch!! Lasange and greek salad and garlic bread! Thought I had already had lunch. Had one serving spoon of the lasange. OK be honest one and a half, and salad but no garlic bread. Then in the evening had one of my low cal soups. Tomato and roasted red pepper which is 30cals per mug. Thought weight would be the same today but yippy another quarter of a pound gone this morning.

Worked out I could be in the size 16 normal sizes by November instead of extra large size 24. At present am between an 18 and 20. Am finding more clothes in the wardrobe I can fit into.

This is not a cant wait till I have finished this diet and can eat 'normally' again. This is going to be my new normal. Friends yesterday commented that I looked slimmer they could see I am making an effort again!

Onwards and downwards.

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