Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Scale?

I may need to buy a new digital scale. Over the last few days I have been disappointed with my weight loss. I have been sticking to the low fat low carb eating and have not been munching my way through the fridge every afternoon but the weight has remained stubbornly the same.

Today I turned the scale over and found one of the feet has come off. It seems it had a small spring underneath the plastic foot cover. Bad design.

If I stand towards the front of the scale I am 13 11. If I put my weight at the back I am 13.11.75 which I have been for the last 4 days! So I am standing towards the front.

Will monitor it over the next few days and if I feel that the scale is not reliable enough will buy a new one in Lusaka next trip but it must have the ability to weigh in quarter pounds.

Still feeling well in control. Have not had a slice of bread for 5 weeks and now not missing it at all. Have ordered a new batch of books about the South Beach diet which I think is what this is. Very interested in this insulin problem which the SB diet is supposed to overcome. For the first time in my life I feel in control of what I put in my mouth and am eating only at meal times. I can resist anything in the pantry. No extra dishes of cereal, no dried fruit no cheese. It is wonderful. Hope the scale continues to show a good weight loss. Got into a pair of jeans I have not worn for over a year so that is also an incentive to keep going.

For the first time I feel this is my last diet and I have found a new way of eating that is sustainable.

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