Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prawns and Calamari fried!

Is wonderful I did not get on the scale yesterday as decided too soon after the party. I stuffed myself with fried prawns and calamari.

Today I got on the scale and lost half a pound in 2 days. Brilliant. I have never had a diet like this work so well.

Clothes feeling looser. Getting into clothes I have not worn for a while.

Another couple of pounds off and I will be in the 180 range rather than the 190.

Last weeks weight loss was 1.75lbs compared to 4 lbs the week before. But as long as I weigh less each week I am not going to worry about the figures too much.

My appetite for carbs and sugary things has just vanished. My danger times in the afternoon dont worry me any more. I used to worry about being in the house on my own in the afternoon as I would just eat my way through the fridge/ pantry and just could not stop. Now it does not worry me. Bought my husband biscuits yesterday, ok plain ones but biscuits and have not been tempted to eat one.

Size 12 here I come.

Also nails are growning again. I have done nothing to them. They always used to break and flake. Maybe they dont like carbs either? Wonder if there is any link? Always wanted pretty nails. Perhaps I am going to get some?

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