Sunday, September 28, 2008

still losing

Seems a bit more of a battle these days. Still not having the cravings for extra food in the afternoon so that is a plus. Had hoped this would be a more effortless diet but I dont think there is such a thing.

Yesterday had pasta with a veggy tomato sauce for lunch. Was tasty and filling. Did a low cal soup in the evening.

My new china came with my daughter yesterday afternoon. Sort of squarish white plates with black design on them. Got 8 place settings so nice to have a good set.

Decided will do a chinese meal for my husbands birthday. will organise it for the 12th which is 2 days before but hopefully they will not have started harvesting by then. Will get a box of prawns and do something with rice and noodles. Better get some more soya sauce before then. Could also do a veggy dish if I can get enough nice veg. We are a bit short in the garden just now.

Overall am happy. Am into my big jeans, feeling a lot more active and have lost 24lbs, without suffering too much.

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