Friday, September 05, 2008

Scale is working

Another 3/4 lb gone. Was a pound but then I double checked by getting on the scale a second time so decided to call it 3/4. That gives me a bit in hand for tomorrow.

Had 2 nice dinners. Day before was smoked haddock in the steamer with steamed veg. I also did some onion in the steamer earlier and made a sauce with skim milk and cornflower to go with it. Plenty of potato and pumpkin left over so yesterday got out some chicken mince and made a shepherds pie for a change.

Tumble dryer that was fixed in Lusaka is not working. Goes round and round and blows air but there is no heating. I have had it heating once so it much be a loose connection inside.

Got the accounts up to date yesterday and finished the wages printing. Today I must do the marking.

Am also gradually sorting out cupboards and drawers that have not been opened for years. I am thinking now that the carbs not only made me overeat but also put me into a sort of mini depression. I could not summon the energy to do very much.

Next mini goal is to get under the 13 st mark and into the 12's. Should do that in about 6 weeks by half term.

Looking forward to a visit to UK in December would be wonderful to be in the 11 stones or even the 10's by then.

It is such a relief to think that if I stay off the carbs I will never get fat again. I feel confident I can eat like this for the rest of my life. Which should now be longer as I should not be getting diabetes. A loaf of bread is now lasting a week and the marmalade has hardly gone down at all.

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