Saturday, September 27, 2008

slow but sure

Bit disappointed as only half a pound gone since Monday and it is now Saturday. Did have 2 days in town and also found myself eating more than usual yesterday. Finished off all the cabbage left for lunch with low cal salad dressing and chilli sauce! So maybe this is just a blip and by Monday will have lost another half pound. If that is the case I will not complain.

Going to the club with the grandchildren tomorrow for lunch. Have not decided what to do. I can have a very low cal supper with weighless soups at 30c each. May take a tin of mixed veg and an opener so if lunch looks very high calorie/carb/fat. I can just have the meat and my tin of veg. That way I dont have to think there is nothing else so I will just have to eat what is provided.

Heard my niece has lost a stone (14lbs) with slimming world in UK. I have some of the magazines it looks interesting. Being a serial dieter I have to have a plan I can stick to for the rest of my life. No good thinking I can ever 'come off the diet' and stay slim. I know from experience that does not work.

Got my new laptop set up and am very happy with it. Has 4 USB ports but I could do with more. Got a keyboard, mouse, printer and internet plugged in but no space for flash drives unless I pull out the printer. May get an extender but I know some of the peripherals will not work through an extender. Will get the one off my old laptop and see what will work and what does not work.

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