Friday, September 26, 2008

Weight same but not bothered

Just got back from 2 days in town. I know I did not overeat so I am not worried about the fact that the scale shows I weigh the same as I did on Tuesday morning. I am sure over the weekend the scale will balance out and I will see a half pound drop off by Monday.

It is always more difficult when you are out of your own kitchen and eating pre prepared food. I had chicken curry for the 2 lunches, cup of soup when I got home last night and salads on Wed night.

Bought myself a new laptop as this one is going back to school so over the weekend will get it all set up the way I want. Has a DVD burner and hopefully USB2 ports. This one came with USB 1.1 so copying to an external drive has always been slow. I also bought a new external USB drive, 120gb so that will be very useful. New printer and a scanner but realise my husband is used to just using the printer for scanning and pressing a button so may buy a colour inkjet with a scanner as well for him to use. They are fairly cheap now and as long as we dont use it for heavy printing the cartridges should last a while.

Will post again when scale is shifting downwards again.

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