Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty Pounds and Counting

Scale seems to be working. Went to 13 9 3/4 this morning but then back to 13.10 so that is what I have put on the chart. Might be tricky today as my daughter is doing lunch for her birthday with prawns and rice and calamari. Most of it probably fried. will take some steamed veg along and try and just have tastes and not mountains!

That is a third of the excess weight gone and I am feeling much better and unlike other diets am not waiting for the diet to finish. I cannot believe how I am having cheese in the fridge and have not cut myself a slice. I have not cheated once in the last 7 weeks. That must be a record for me. The only thing different on this diet is the absence of bread. I am wondering now if I am every going to eat bread again and to be honest I would give up all bread for the rest of my life to stay slim.

Amazon said they have sent the books South Beach diet etc to my mothers address in UK and I will get those when I go over in December.

I dont know how this Dr developed this diet but it suits me perfectly.

I am making plans for husband and I to take a proper holiday next year. In a hotel. In 33 years I dont think we have ever had one. Always stayed with relatives. Thought we might go to Mauritius and maybe do a beginners scuba diving course. Would never have dreamed of that while 15 stone. They would not find a wet suit to fit me!

Depending on the weight tomorrow I will have lost either 2 lbs or 1 3/4 lbs this week. Am aiming at 10lbs a month to get me under the 12 stone by the beginning of December. Then under 11 in January and into the 10sts for my birthday in February.

Told husband today he will have to buy me some new clothes when I get down to a UK size 12. My wardrobe such as it is, is filled with such a vast range of sizes, most of it will have to go to charity. Then I can see what is left and build on that. If I am not teaching I can see myself living mainly in jeans and I do have 4 pairs nice small jeans from the last time I was slim for my daughters wedding last year. So will just need tops for those. Will be such fun to go into normal clothes shops and find clothes that fit.

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