Saturday, October 04, 2008

Much easier than usual

13 stone 2 1/2lbs

Decided to put my weight at the top of each new blog. As I change it on the profile I dont have a record of what my weight was for each posting.

I have 2 more days till my weekly weigh in and so far have lost 3 1/4 lbs this week so could be 3 3/4 lbs by Monday.

I went down to mind my 3 grandsons on Thursday and decided to take my own lunch. Took a tin of macedone veg, tin of tomato and black olive relish and mixed those up with some cooked chicken. While the boys were sleeping I got the accounts up to date and all the invoices entered.

I am keeping up with the cinnamon. Half a teaspoon on my cereal in the morning and another half on a small home made full fat yoghurt in the afternoon. I feel I am losing weight faster than I was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Will extract the weekly figures from the daily one and see how I am doing. Will be good to work out the monthly loss as well.

It is the beginning of half term today so got the next week off. Am going to organize a birthday dinner next Sunday for my husband. Will do a chinese meal with chicken and prawns. I will have a low cal soup for lunch so I can have as much as I like of the birthday dinner! Will try and use as less fat as possible for the cooking.

I will soon be half way through to my first goal and feeling well in control and not binging at all. Cravings have been completely switched off. The great carb neediness has vanished and I hope and pray it will never come back.

I am starting to feel confident I can get to a size 12 (UK) 36, 27, 36 and stay there forever!

I see there is a special way to insert links. Will try that cinnamon article again using the link setting.

Next post will be after 2 stone lost. Hopefully on Monday.

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