Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is the best diet

12.8 3/4 lbs

I dont think I have ever been on such an effortless diet and one that works so well.

worked out I lost 11lbs last month. That was October.

If I can do the same again this month will be well under the 12stone by the end of the month.

Have lost an inch off bust and hips this month and 2" off my waist. I feel I can continue with this almost indefinitely which I will have to if I am not going to go back to my 'normal' eating which always makes me fat again.

I can see myself getting to 10 stone 140lbs with this diet. Usually on diets I am just waiting for them to be over so I can start eating again but on this one I am eating and very rarely feeling hungry. I have no cravings and no desire to eat my way through the pantry.

I could be under the 12 7 by the end of next week.

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