Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beginning to feel like a slim person


I knew if I just hung in there I would eventually see a weight loss. Scale is now showing half a pound less than Monday. I still have got another 4 days to get below 168lbs so that is still possible.

Now that the bread is no longer in my diet the weight loss is much more predictable. I thought that bread was one of the staple foods and was essential but I have now realized that is not true. My system functions much better without the grain and yeast.

I have noticed for the first time on a diet that my wrists and fingers are so much thinner. My face has also slimmed down and is no longer round and chubby. I can even see some cheek bones appearing.

I have decided to take my bigger trousers to UK next week and then I can throw them in the bin before I come back and so have space for some new stuff. I need to buy some new under things. I dont want to spend a lot of money as what I buy now will be a size 16 and I am confident that by March I will be into size 12 so will need to buy new stuff again. Will buy some cheap and cheerful stuff from Tesco in UK.

I must try getting to bed later. I did not get much of a siesta yesterday afternoon and so went to bed at 8.30. This morning I am wide awake at 3.30. I seem to only need about 7 hours sleep now instead of 9 or 9 and a half. So really need to be going to bed around 10 to wake at 5.30 the same time as my husband. Will try and establish a better sleeping pattern in UK.

My first copy of the new subscription to Rosemary Conley diet and fitness was waiting for me at the courier when I went in on Monday. They also have an article on insulin resistance, think this is much more prevalent than is generally known. I must have had it for over 40 years.

Wont be posting so much when in UK. Mother is on a dial up connection so dont want to waste the batteries! May be able to post from my sister who has broadband.

I cant see myself failing on this eating regime. Now that I have given up bread I dont have the cravings and uncontrollable eating. My main problem is if I have to wait for my main meal in the evening. I could be peckish mid afternoon. Hope to get in some nice nibbles to fill the gap without adding the calories. Grapes, apples gerkins. Will get some tins of macedonia veg preferably without brine and low cal salad dressing. If most days we can have our main meal at lunch time then the problem will be solved. I will take some rooibos tea bags with me just in case I cant get in UK. After my 2 cups of coffee in the morning I am sticking to black rooibos and am now enjoying it.

Last day teaching on Friday. Have been asked to come to assembly for a farewell but about 12 other staff also leaving this term so will not be singled out!

Will now switch on other computer to do the accounts.

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