Saturday, November 29, 2008

Made It

167.75lbs 11st 13 3/4lbs

I got under the 12 stone at 2.45am this morning. Had hoped for months that I would be able to achieve that. Now that I know how my body works I am absolutely certain I will never go over the 12stone again. I will continue to lose weight and by the middle of January should be under the 11 stone or 154lbs. Then another 6 or 7 weeks will see me under the 140lbs. For the first time in my life I am confident that an eating plan will work and that I can stick to it without putting on any weight.

I had my last day in school yesterday and handed over my keys. I am so happy to be finishing but other staff are continuing so I dont want to make a big thing about me leaving!

I was pleasantly surprised to get a gratuity cheque yesterday. As I am not completing my full contract I was not expecting to be paid the gratuity. It is is sterling so as a reward for getting under the 12stone I have just ordered an EEpc to be delivered to my mothers address so it should be there waiting for me when I get over. I also ordered a bag for it and a dvd/cd external drive. I have been wanting one and now I can afford to get one. I have ordered a white one with WinXP on it. I would have liked a linux and it would have been cheaper but if I want to get it on the internet from home it needs to load the huwai drivers and I only have those for XP.

I will take a copy of open office for windows and my flash drive with my weight loss spreadsheet so I can keep it up to date in UK.

I wore my black and white suit yesterday as it was the last day. I will wear it again today as it is prize giving. I had to take 4" off the waist as it was too big. Looking forward to getting a waist under 30". At present am still over 34".

Watched a 10 years younger program the other day. Was a woman who had gone for an op for a gastric band and had gone from 20 stone to under 10stone in 12 month. She had terrible loose skin. Stomach, thighs, under arms. I hope that is not going to happen to me. I did do an exercise DVD the other day. Should really plan to do it more regularly. I ordered a toning band to be sent here. But its no good ordering it if I dont use it. Hope it will help my saggy underarms. The woman on the TV program went and had major surgery to remove all the loose skin. I cant afford that so will have to live with whatever I am left with. Still using the bike everyday so legs should be fine. Maybe I will budget to get a cross trainer to move the arms and legs together. Could set up my own mini gym!

Packing tomorrow and I leave on Monday morning for the airport. Fly Tuesday and my sister is collecting me and we drive straight down to Cornwall. Mum says she will get the electric blanket on for me.

Hope I can cope with the diet while in UK and not find I am just eating anything because I dont get my meals on time! I feel I have come so far now I will not back track.

I can use my mothers scale in UK but I remember it does not weigh the same as the one I used to have here. Cant remember if it weighs heavier or lighter. will weigh myself on Wed am to get a base line and then take it from there. At least it is a digital scale. Might look at getting a new digital scale for traveling if I can find one. Must be very light and weigh in quarter pounds. Will post tomorrow and probably not on Monday.

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