Monday, November 10, 2008

Loss more than I had expected

12st 5 3/4lbs

I lost 1lb between yesterday morning and this morning. So total loss for this week is 2 1/4lbs. So very happy with that.

Feel I should write to Pamela Clark in OZ to say thank you for publishing the book. This is going to be my new normal eating once I have got down to a size 12.

Watching these ladies on Cook yourself slim and they lose 14lbs and 2 dress sizes! If I am lucky I lose 14 lbs and lose one dress size but it is still progress.

I am thinking that I could make the 11 stones by the beginning of December. 11st 13lbs will do nicely and then I can keep going with the no grain low fat while in UK. Even if I maintain my weight then I will not worry. As long as I dont put weight on!

Then got Jan Feb and March to get down to a size 12 before our holiday in Mauritius.

Even husband commenting on how much better I look and how much more energy I have these days!

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