Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forty Pounds

12st 4lb

That is a big mile stone. Forty pounds lost since July. I was not sure if I would do it this morning but have actually lost 40 and a quarter pounds. Got on the scale a couple of time to double check the figure.

Yesterday was the fete. I only bought diet cokes and did not have any food. It was very bread based. Boersworst in bread rolls, bacon and blue cheese ditto and salmon in croissants and nice gooey cakes.

I spent my money on the grandchildren and bought some night cream and lip ice. Also found some ear rings that I can take over to UK to give as presents to my sisters and mother.

Because I did not eat anything I was starving by the time I got home at 3. Husband had left me some of the chicken and I opened a tin of macedone veg and drained it and mixed with diet salad dressing and a bit of chilli sauce. Made a really nice quick lunch. Had my cinnamon and yoghurt as soon as I got in.

Had my vegetable soup for supper and watched some late TV so was not awake so early this morning. Was Steps to a new you last night and 10 year younger.

Next goal is only 1 3/4 lbs away and that is to get 3 stone lost 42lbs. Should do that this week. Then under the 12 stone on 1st Dec.

I worked out my BMI just out of interest yesterday. My starting BMI was 34. I am now down to 27. To get to 25 I need to weigh 11st 1 lb and my ultimate goal weight of under 10st will give me a BMI of 23. That all looks within reach now. I have just put my final finish date back to Mid March as I am not losing weight quite as fast as I was but am still happy with my progress.

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