Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Loss Today

Yesterday I did chicken mince burgers for lunch. I did notice that they tasted very salty. I dont add any salt to my cooking or food so I think the excess salt has affected my weight this morning. Things should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Just had my vitamins with a glass of lukewarm water. I have 3 calcim, 4 vit C, 1 multivitamin, one oil evening primrose and one omega 3 and 6. Then I have my bowl of bran and museli cereal with 1/4 tspn cinnamon. I measure out 5 dessert spoons now in the same bowl each morning to stop myself having double portions. I have that with skim milk and 2 mugs of instant coffee.

The rest of the day I drink water, rooibos tea and one diet coke. Lunch today will be fish which will help the scale go down tomorrow morning. Evening my one bowl of veggy soup.

It is amazing how the cravings and mad overeating binges have just stopped since I gave up grains. Yesterday I could feel my stomach wanting food just before lunch. I had a yoghurt and cinnamon while I was preparing lunch.

In the afternoon I offered to drive in to Mkushi to collect chemicals for the spraying and also filled up the ford. I have got some extra music on the flash drive now as I found the new Media player will rip CD's straight to mp3 file. Took a while to find the tool settings to change the file type. But it is very fast to do once it is set up. Bonus is that all the track names are saved as well. Must get an FM radio for my car so I can have the same system in there.

Rain is still around. We had a shower yesterday afternoon which will help the soya germinate.

Was looking at diets for insulin resistance on the internet yesterday. Where do these ideas come from. One menu was 6 oz smoked salmon for breakfast!

Am looking forward to getting my measurements back into average size range. 38 bust and 39 hips rather than the over 40's they have been for years.

Still using the bike. I did 4kms yesterday evening without any difficulty. Had to go and and down to the guesthouse yesterday afternoon as daughter was doing a dog blood transfusion. I walked up and down about three times and it was effortless. I used to puff and strain to get up the hill. So making good progress.

Weight must go down tomorrow.

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