Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Under 80 kg

12 7 3/4

Wore one of my size 18 frocks I have not worn for years yesterday. Most of my frocks are navy or black. Especially the size 22 24 ones. So quite a change to wear a white one with red roses on it. The heat is building up now so nice to feel cooler and wear paler colours. Hope to be a size 16 next month.

I still feel worried that this diet is going to stop working at some point. It is still a pleasant surprise to see the scale dropping by quarter to half a pound every 2 days or so. Now I am under the 80 kg mark the next aim is to get under the 170lbs. Have six pounds to lose to do that so should do that in next 3 weeks, then under the 12 stone, 8 lbs to do that.

I am trying to increase my cycling rate to give myself a better workout so for the last 100m in each 1km I increase my pedaling speed from 11 kph to 18 kph.

Found my little music player the other day. Must find a new battery for it and put on some nice music and then I can listen to it on the journey to UK. I already have some stuff in MP3 format on the flash drive we play in the car so will just copy that across.

In Lusaka for next 2 days. Will take my cereal and some tins of veg so I can do my own lunch at the curry place and just put some of the sauce on top. That was tasty last time and I enjoyed it.

Will post again Friday or Saturday

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