Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Starting to forget about food

12st 5 1/2lbs

Yesterday was a busy day. I spent all morning at school and then when I got home my husband said we had to go to the bank to sort out queries on our loan application to continue farming next year. We were with the manager for over 2 hours and I did not once think about food or whether or not I was hungry.

When we got out I shared a diet coke with my husband and come home and had a bowl of soup. Another quarter of a pound gone today.

Today I am trying something different, we had some left over chicken from lunch so last night I cooked up some brown rice. Will steam some onions this morning and then will mix those up in the non stick frying pan for lunch. Brown rice is better for you than white rice.

I wore my black trousers with the black sequined top and my white blazer yesterday at school and some people did not recognize me!

I am going to get under the 168lbs or 12 stone by the beginning of December.

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