Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dieting going smoothly

12st 8lbs

I expected to be around the 12.8 1/2lbs this morning so to lose 3/4lb yesterday is a bonus.

I did do a bit of extra exercise. My neighbour asked if I would come and fix her computer speakers. She has a pool so I took my costume and had a swim after I have sorted the problem out.

When I am on my exercise bike I am trying to do the last 100m of each km at a higher speed. I usually do around 10 or 11 kph but am now going up 18 kph twice in each session. Yesterday I did 4 sessions instead of the 3.

At 6pm I have my diet coke and my soup and then I do not eat or drink anything else until the following morning. I have a few hunger pangs in the night but I have never been a night nibbler. I am not the sort of person to get out of bed to go and make myself a sandwich or fryup!

I looked up and am now only in the overweight category rather than obese. Have already lost 2 1/2lbs in the last week. Hope I can continue losing weight this fast.

My friends husband is pre diabetic so I told her about the cinnamon helping the insulin to work better so she is going to see if it makes any difference to her husbands blood sugar results. He has a tester.

Reports to finish today and also wages to work out.

I am starting to imagine myself under 11 stone and slim and able to maintain that slimness which I have never been able to do before. Its all good.

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