Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why I was Fat

12st 6 3/4lbs

I could never understand why I was so big. Why did I have this craving for sweet and usually fatty food. If there was something tasty in the fridge I could only relax once I had finished it. I would never have 1 or 2 biscuits but maybe half the packet. I would often have a bowl of cereal after my dinner in the evening.

It was a mind hunger rather than a stomach hunger. Now I do sometimes feel hungry, late morning just before my main meal or late afternoon before my soup supper.

I read an interesting article about the difference between a craving and hunger. It compared the two. The main difference was if you ignored the craving and got busy with somethingelse it would go away. Hunger would not but would get stronger.

For nearly 4 months now I have had no bread at all. I have not eaten a biscuit and I have only had one bowl of cereal a day. I have eaten well. Probably around 1100 cals per day but I am not calorie counting or weighing anything. Every couple of days I have seen a weight loss on the scales. This morning I weigh half a pound less than yesterday and am now below the 12 and a half stone mark.

I am starting to believe I can do this and once I get under my 140lb mark I have now learned how to stay there.

I like bread, in fact I love it, but if this is the sacrifice I have to make to stay a size 12 then I will happily make it. I have been fat and obese for so long it is going to be a big adjustment to be the person I have always wanted to be. Slim, fit, fashionable and with nice nails!

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