Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brilliant Diet

12st 2 1/2lbs

I wondered about putting that up this morning as Lusaka always messes my system about and I could find a small weight gain tomorrow. I got on the scale yesterday at 4am before I left for Lusaka and was 12st 3lbs so if it does go up will only be by quarter of a pound or so.

I had my cereal and cinnamon before I left yesterday morning and that kept me going till lunch at 1. I was not really hungry but my hands were shaking slightly I think from low blood sugar and too much caffine. Had coffee and diet coke on the way. It was very wet on the road. We had over 2" rain in 24 hours so kept the speed down. I had told the committee I might be a bit late and got in for 10. Meeting had started at 9.30 but they were still on previous minutes. Feel this is a good time to leave as we have done what we set out to do which is put a computer lab in every secondary school in Zambia. I will keep in touch with the people running it but will not be on the committee any more.

Had the weight watchers lunch but this time finished the baked potato as it was smaller than last time and I was hungry. Bought husband some chocolate and dried fruit which he always enjoys. Left at 3 as planned did not have much time for shopping but got the basics and paid for the TV subscription. I also got a bigger non stick frying pan with a glass lid. I thought it was the same as the smaller one I got but now find the handle is lighter but pattern on the non stick is the same. Will see how it works for stir fries.

Two trucks stuck on daughters road but put the landcruiser in 4 wheel drive and managed to get around them. Got my shopping out to put in husbands vehicle and we got home about 8. Too tired to watch TV so had soup and yoghurt and apple and went to bed at 9.

Today we are off for beauty treatments. My nails are still growing and I have not broken one. Think I will get her to file them a bit shorter. Also having pedicure and facial. Should be back for a late lunch around 1.30. Will take an apple in case I get hungry.

Got out my progress sheets of the diet I did in 1988. That was 20 years ago. I got down to 8st 12lbs! Cant even remember that. I was 35 26 35 at that weight. Think I will aim a bit higher this time. Maybe 9 and a half stone. This diet really is effortless now. I could not resist cheese or chocolate before but now I can have them in the house and they dont bother me at all. To me it is a miracle.

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