Saturday, November 08, 2008

Survived Lusaka


I ended up going to Lusaka on my own on Wednesday. Husband decided not to come and it was a good thing that he did as we had a big storm wednesday night and all the covers blew off the wheat stacks and we lost 3 of the roofs in the workers compound.

I was able to spend time on doing the things I enjoy. I did go to see if the new Hugh Jackman movie Australia was on but it is still in the coming soon section. I had my skin treatment and also had a pigmentation mark treated. Then went to have my streaks put in. She said she would put in red and I thought yes auburn or copper but no she did mean red. Anyway had lots of positive comments and it is less 'hard' then when I did my own colour so will keep up with it and have it re done every 2 months.

I treated myself to a new swimming costume. Have not bought one for 20 years and also a new cherry red nail varnish in Woolworths. Was expensive but worth it if it does not chip. My nails are the prettiest they have ever been. It is only the thumb nails that are short. I still dont know if my nails are growing nicely because I have got my blood sugar under control or if it is the calcium I am taking.

I had my weight watchers lunch again both days and had soup and yoghurt in the evening. The desire to eat all day has just gone. I never thought it would happen and that I would be always wanting more food and would spend my life denying myself if I wanted to keep my weigh under control. But the low grain diet is the answer. It was the bread that was causing me to overeat and put on weight. I bought some brown rice and may have that once a week instead of the potatoes.

Picked up daughter son in law and nephew off plane on Wednesday night. So they are safely back.

Went to the Primary school play yesterday. I had 4 grandchildren appearing in it. They did the Lion King and it was excellent.

Unless I lose about a pound over the next 48 hours this is not going to be a brilliant weight loss this week but doing Lusaka always messes up my dieting system. If I lose a pound I will be happy. Is 3/4 now so should get down to 12 7 by Monday morning or maybe below if I am lucky.

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