Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quarter of a pound to the 40lb loss

12st 4 1/2lbs

Did not have a loss yesterday and now half a pound down from two days ago. Only 1/4lb more and I can say I have lost 40lbs.

Had another look at that frock the other day with my glasses on and it is not a size 18 as I though but a size 16. I even wore it the other day with a belt!

It is going to be a close run thing to get under the 12 stone by 1st December. I will have to weigh on the first of December as that is when we leave here. I wonder if it is possible to get a light weight traveling scale that I could fit in my suitcase. Would be worth it to keep a check on my weight on holidays. Will have a look in UK and see what I can find.

I did not go out yesterday afternoon and did find the afternoon a bit long. Luckily I was not tempted to raid the cupboards for little snacks to keep me going but did have my soup 1 hour earlier. Then the power went off and so I went to bed at 8 which is why I am up at 4.30 this morning. I just seem to need less sleep since I started eating less grains. I used to be able to sleep for 10 hours but now anything over 7 and a half to 8 hours and I have to get up.

Going to a local fete today. Will take some diet coke and try and stick to black rooibos tea with no milk. Not tempted by cakes and biscuits now. I never expected that.

Next post will be after I have lost 40lbs.

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