Monday, November 24, 2008

Salt was the problem


I racked my brains yesterday trying to think what could have caused my weight to rise. Then I went and took a close look at the tin of macedonia veg and it is in brine. Also I bought some Mediterranean roasted veg seasoning and have been putting that in chicken etc and when I read the small print the main ingredient is salt.

So that is that mystery solved. I cut right back on the seasoning yesterday and did not open a tin of veg and am now quarter of a pound less than Friday. That means I have lost 2 1/4lbs this week and if I do the same this week should be one pound under the 12 stone mark by next Monday when I leave for UK.

I wore a new fitted cross over top in an orangy coral colour and was complimented on it yesterday. Nice to be able to fit in to new things from the shops without just getting big black shapeless tops and trousers.

Raining again this morning. Forcast is for rain most of the day so I dont think they will get the tractors in today. The soya planted last week is coming up nicely. Husband now concentrating on the seed maize.

Am taking the children into school this morning. Had a problem in that the tumble dryer has packed in again. Is not heating. I needed it yesterday to dry the school uniforms. Luckily there was a dry spell in the morning and we rushed out to get the washing in when it started to drizzle at lunch time. I will not be washing uniforms again till January so will have to get it fixed by then. Is probably that fuse again.

Looking forward to getting into the 11 stones. That is the aim for this week.

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