Friday, November 21, 2008

Thats 2 milestones ticked off


Decided to just put the lbs up on the top of the posting rather than stones and pounds. Thought I would see a small gain this morning but instead have lost another 3/4lb. So that means I have now lost 3 stone, 42lbs and am under the 170lb mark.

Another 2lbs and I will be officially into the overweight category rather than obese. Got into a pair of my smaller jeans yesterday that I have not worn for over a year so that was a plus. Went with my daughter for beauty treatments at the other end of the farm block. Left here at 8 and only got home at 5. I took some cold chicken and a drained tin of veg with salad dressing and cheese for my daughter and her maid and then some diet cokes.

I had a facial, a manicure on these nice nails of mine, a pedicure and also had my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted. My lower eyelashes have gone grey and it is very hard to see them so with the tinting they are visible.

Today is going to be my last day teaching. I finish next week but will be giving them free time in the lesson. This evening am going out to the 6th form dinner. I have decided I will have my soup beforehand and take my own diet cokes with me and not eat any of the meal. I suppose it is a bit rude to go and not to eat but really I dont need the food and it will be late so really I am just showing my face. Plan to leave early as it is a long way back.

Heard two days ago that my colleagues work permit has been approved and found so at least I know she will be there next term to continue the department while I have left and will be doing all sorts of fun things.

I was thinking maybe I could do a beauticians course to do facials and manicure and then set up as a diet and beauty adviser and go around to peoples houses to help them with diet advice and do treatments. Could be quite fun and would fit in with still getting away when we need to.

My mother is talking about coming for two week at the end of March and staying for Easter so will organise for as many of the family as I can to be here for Easter.

Yesterdays news was that the bank have verbally agreed to open the facility for this season. Would have really messed us up if they had said no. We have already planted over 50% of the new crop. Hopefully husband will get his new tractor before all the hard work is done.

Could be 169lbs by Monday and then got next week to get under the 168lb before I fly.

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