Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home again

11st 11 3/4lbs

Did not manage to do any new posts while on holiday but I did manage to keep my weight under control.

I lost 2lbs over the 2 weeks. When I think how many hotel and restaurant meals I ate and also how many times I ate meals that I did not prepare myself I am amazed that I did not put weight on.

My south beach diet books were waiting for me in UK and I made sure I read them all so I knew exactly what my problem was and how I could keep the insulin resistance under control.

The only time I lost control was one lunch time when I just had a low cal soup for lunch, I then bought a box of grapes which I ate. Too much sugar? and I then followed up with cereal and yoghurt and apples and ate most of the afternoon. After that episode I made sure I ate more for lunch. Eggs or baked potato.

Next mini goal is to get to 11 8 1/4 lbs which will mean that I have lost 50lbs. Then hope to get under the 11st.

I bought loads of new tops and it was so nice to go to the regular racks of clothes rather than the outsize section.

Will start posting regularly again this week. Sure I can do a no grain Christmas. Have got a few choccies in for the kids but will have lots of fruit and veg and turkey.

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