Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whoosh Fairy


I dont know if that really was a whoosh but yesterday morning I was 165.25lbs and this morning 2lbs have gone.

Some of the excess was due to eating a bit more than usual on Christmas day but I knew I had stuck to the low carb principles so I would not have gained weight but could be carrying extra fluid from 2 days ago.

My next lot of books are in Mkushi. I did skim through some of them before I posted them. They are mostly American. That seems to be where this low carb trend started. I dont feel Atkins is for me. Too much meat and saturated fat. But there is no doubt in my mind that the low fat high complex carbs that I have been trying to use to diet for the past 40 years is completely wrong for me and leads to failure every time. I would lose weight on it but because I never got my insulin/glucose balance right I would always find my weight increasing and it was never easy. I was fighting my craving for carbs the whole time. Afternoons were a nightmare.

Now that I have my main meal mid day with carbs from potatoes I am so unhungry it is not true. I can go comfortably till 6 without thinking about food or a snack. Then I have my bowl of soup and I eat and drink nothing after 6pm.

I am not trying to put myself into ketosis. As I have bran flakes for breakfast and potatoes with my meat for lunch I dont think my system needs to go into ketosis to lose the fat.

My middle is definately leaner. Waist is now 33 inches from a start of 39" in July. I hope it will go down to 28" after I have lost the next 20lbs.

Sorted out my wardrobe yesterday and put all my big clothes in black bin bags. I will give them away as I will never need them again.

Off to my daughter for lunch today. She knows what I eat so should not have any problems.

In the house at present we have: biscuits, allsorts, box of chocolates, cheese and ice cream. In the old days I could not have resisted any of that and would be sneaking some of it until it was all finished and I could relax. Now that food has no power over me!

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