Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fifty Pounds


Made it to the 50lb mark in December so that is fifty pounds in 5 months or ten lbs a month which is very respectable and something I never thought would happen. I am still finding it much more effortless than any other diet I had tried.

Yesterday I had steamed fish for lunch and did some oven chips with no fat. I did feel a bit peckish in the afternoon so made a low cal soup. For the first time I put a bit of cheese in the soup. These soups are high in carbs so I thought if I did what the books say and add some protein to the snack I would not get an insulin spike followed by cravings and I did not.

I have been getting a funny taste in my mouth in the night. Bit like when I have eaten garlic. I am wondering if that is the ketosis they mention in the books. It means my body is calling on its fat stores in the night which as far as I am concerned is a good thing. I still have plenty of fat stores. I will look at getting some test sticks to see if I have ketosis and will keep an eye on it.

In November I lost 9.25lbs and in December 5.5lbs ( lower due to UK holiday) so average that out at 7lbs a month which means I should loss the next 10lbs in 6 weeks and then will reset my goal to 138lbs and take another 2 months to get there. It is wonderful to be so confident that a diet is working.

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