Friday, January 02, 2009

Single figure target


Only have 9.75lbs to go to get to my first target. When I first set that target I was not sure if I would manage to get there. I expect it to take me another 5 weeks to make that weight. Then will work at it for another 2 months or so and see if I can get under the 140lb mark.

I am definitely going into ketosis at night now. Does not worry me but I have decided to change the time I eat my vitamins. I used to have them on waking with a glass of water. Now my body is burning fat so well I am concerned that if I take my vitamins first thing then my body will simply use them for fuel. I have therefore changed my routine and will just have a couple of glasses of warm water when I wake up with my coffee and keep the vitamins until lunch time. The books do say that vitamins are more effective if taken with food. I bought some back from UK so dont want to waste them.

Have worked out now that it is taking me 2 months to lose 14lbs. Not as fast as at the beginning but as I near my target weight I have to expect the loss to slow a bit. I just hope I dont get a stall at this point. But even if I do I will just carry on this new way of eating without the bread and white carbs and I will be sure that the weight will continue to go and I will not feel hungry.

I did not post yesterday as my weight was the same as the day before and I was baby sitting my 4 grandsons. One is 3 and the other 3 are between one and one and a half so it was a bit hectic till the nannies turned up.

I dont want to change the food intake too much as I feel in control and this is working well for me. However in some of the books and magazines I have recently got are some interesting recipes. In one there is a pizza with a base of mashed potatoes, in another you make blinis with mashed potatoes instead of flour. Another is a pancake batter made with soya flour.

I would like to try out a few of them and see how my system reacts to the change. I want to do some entertaining so am looking for different recipes I can use with guests while still adhering to low grain principles. I will copy out these recipes into a new book and keep them to try out later. Dont want to tear the magazines so will type them into the computer.

They even give recipes for bread with different types of flour but at present I still dont trust myself to start eating bread again. Will look for some of the ingredients. I should be able to buy soya flour so can try some savoury pancakes one day for lunch with a chicken and veg filling. I am using cornflour in gravies without any ill effects so can try making a cheese sauce with cornflour to go with the pancakes. If I did small ones it would make an interesting starter for a dinner party.

Got into some brown tailored trousers, I had not worn for about 10 years, the other day. Cant even remember where I bought those. One pair of black jeans are now fitting but other pair is still too tight. Think I will have to get under the 154lbs to get into those.

Got a chicken out for lunch today. Had stacks of power cuts so hope power is on to do roasting later. Other day had to boil my veg as power was off and I had to use the gas. Did not taste as good. I may see if I can buy a pan steamer to use if the power is off. Feel keeps more vitamins and is more healthy to steam rather than boil. I did keep liquid for a soup so not wasted.

Checked Husbands glucose level again this morning. For the past 10 days he has been having sweetener in his tea and coffee rather than sugar. Result this morning was 5.5 which is normal down from 6.6 ten days ago which was a prediabetic figure. Very pleased about that so have told him he has to continue with the sweetener for the rest of his life. Have added that to the shopping list as I will need to buy more.

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