Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Calorie is not a Calorie


I have increased my calorie intake by at least 100 cals a day. All the increase is fat and oil.

Yesterday I fried my bream in olive oil. I had yoghurt cheese with my fruit and that is made from whole fat milk. I had half an ounce of cheese grated in my soup.

According to the dietery rules as I understand them, that should slow down my weight loss. What has happened is that my weight loss has increased. Usually I lose 1.75kg in a week. This week I have achieved that weight loss in 3 days. I will keep monitoring it and see if it is sustainable. I did start the symptoms of a migraine last night. I have not had a migraine for 6 months but I got the jagged sight distortion yesterday evening while reading my book so took a paracetamol and it did not develop into a full blown migraine. One of my triggers for migraine was fat and oil. Maybe it was the cheese for supper. I might be better to have an egg instead. The calories will be about the same but the fat content not. Will experiment and see how I handle the change.

Still working on the accounts. Have to do a credit note for some of the wheat and hopefully that will bring the Vat into balance.

Sent an email to my mother and sister on their cruise in the Caribbean this morning. Hope they are having good weather.

Daughter said she picked up the flight tickets for us yesterday so will get those this evening.

Suitcase is open on the floor got as far as throwing in a map book of joburg and a swimming costume.

Off to do the accounts.

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