Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weight dropping again

11st 7.5lbs

Only 2 and 3/4lbs to go and I will be back to my pre holiday weight. Am finding it easier than I expected to get back into my routine again. I have decided not to make the yoghurt cheese for the next few months as I like it so much and it is quite concentrated and I eat too much at one time. So I will stick to plain yoghurt with my fruit until I get under the 11 stone.

My other books arrived. I have the GO diet which is nearer to this eating plan I have worked out for myself than the South Beach diet. But the go diet recommends no milk but 8os of yoghurt a day. I will stick with what I am doing as that is working for me.

I went into see my friends at school yesterday. I wore my new outfit from Woolworths (SA) brown cargo pants, white brown and yellow T shirt and yellow over blouse and got lots of compliments about how well I was looking. My red sunburn has now faded to a tan so it looks better and my nose is not peeling yet.

Making plans for next week. I am 57 on Tuesday so will see if we can book to take the family out for a meal. Also want to do Lusaka and get my hair and face done.

Crops are looking good and we got 22mls rain yesterday afternoon so perfect for the crops.

Will be under the 11st 7lbs by my birthday and will then take it from there. Should only take me just over a week to get back to my pre holiday week. Really feel I have found an eating plan I can stick to for the rest of my life.

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