Tuesday, January 06, 2009



This must be ketosis. I will get some sticks in Lusaka to test. I have not changed my carbs at all. Still eating the same. The only changes I have made are that I am eating slightly more oil and fat. Olive oil and butter and also taking my vits and minerals with my lunch instead of before breakfast.

The book the Diet Delusion arrived yesterday so am wading my way through it. Lots of factual information as to how the western world arrived at the conclusion that fat and oils are bad for you and that cereals and carbs are good for you. In my case the opposite is true.

I am on a good carb, good fat and medium protein diet and it suits me fine. We are off to Cape Town next week and I hope to be under the 160lbs before we go.

We will be staying with my sister in law and I am sure I will cope fine. Lots of chicken and vegetables and fish. I will have to make a plan for what to eat on the planes. It is just too easy to accept what you are given and think you have to eat it. Fairy cakes disguised as muffins and sandwiches. Will take some tinned fish or low cal soup and ask for some hot water to mix it.

Going with my daughter as far as Joburg with the toddler for checkups. She will fly home on the Thursday and we will fly on to Cape Town for 10 days. Will take my netbook with me so hope to get on the internet while I am there.

Should be 160lbs tomorrow and then under that by thursday.

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mary said...

Hi Michelle

This is facinating.
Keep it up !! I am really inspired.

Enjoy Cape Town

love Mary