Monday, January 05, 2009

Two and Threequarter Lbs off this week


Happily surprised at that loss as I have been eating more than usual. I am still reading the finer details in the new books. Most of them say it is a mistake to cut down on the fat with this low grain diet. I have just not been eating fat for years as I thought it made me fat. So this week I have had a bit of grated cheese in my soup and also eggs with butter for breakfast at the weekend. Will go back to just bran flakes and museli for the rest of the week. I also changed my vitamins to lunchtime, I think it is better to have the vitamins with food so that they can be utilized properly. Especially the essential fatty acids.

For the past 2 mornings I have done 2km on the exercise bike when getting up before eating anything. I just drink a glass of tepid water. The books say the body has to learn to use its fat stores, for years mine has just been laying down fat and never had to call on any of it. By exercising before eating the body has to use up the stores. I am also trying to do this interval cycling, where I go fast for a bit and then slow for a bit as that has been shown to use up more fat stores.

I put the new fuse in the tumble dryer yesterday so that is now working again. My husband also fixed the light in the kitchen so I am not cooking in the dark any more. I am trying to find my other black suitcase as we will need 2 suitcases to go to the Cape next week. Think one of my daughters may have it.

If I am careful in SA I should be able to get down to 70kg or 154lbs by the end of the month. That is also near my birthday so that would be a wonderful present to myself to be in the 10stone range.

To have lost 60lbs I would need to weigh 152lbs which is also my first goal. Wonder if I could do that by my birthday. That is 8.5lbs away. I feel so confident that even if I dont make the weight by the day I will get there shortly afterwards. It is no longer a mystery to me why my weight kept going up and up and now I understand that I know I can get it down and this time it will stay down for ever. I really dont miss the sweets and bread at all now.

Some of the books say you will forget about your weight and the lbs will continue to go as you are feeling so good. While I agree about the good bit I am still weighing myself twice a day at least. Once in the morning and again after supper. The after supper figure is usually 3.75 or 4lbs higher than the morning figure so I can sometimes work out from that what will be my weight the next morning. If the evening weight is higher than the evening before I know I have a problem and can try and work out why that is. The protein, fat and veg do not store water the way starch and sugar do so my water levels stay pretty constant which means I dont get bloated.

I am becoming the person I always wanted to be.

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