Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ordered More Books


Had another mini whoosh today. Lost a pound between yesterday am and this morning. The day before the weight had remained the same. I took my EPO and omegas and multi vit with my lunch yesterday rather than before breakfast. Maybe that made the difference.
Yesterday lunch was such a big plateful I wondered if I would have put on weight this morning.

I had roast chicken (still taking off the skin that is a hard habit to break as I have been doing it for years), four pieces steamed potato, cabbage, butternut. Then I made a ratatouille with a local mushroom ( only one as they are big) peppers tomato onion and garlic. My plate was full. I finished off with a small mango and apple chopped with yoghurt cinnamon and sweetner. Felt really full and not like I had just had a diet meal at all. Got through the afternoon without any snack and then had soup as usual in the evening. Another pound to lose and I will be under the 160lbs, have already made my goal of weighing less than my husband.

I have ordered the GO diet. It is quite expensive but reading through the books that seems to be the diet as close to the one I am on so will be good to read more about it. I do not begrudge spending money on information better than spending it on sweets and bread! At last someone is telling me it is not me that is the problem but it is the low fat/high carb diet I have been trying to follow for the past 40 years. Now I have a diet that works with my system, which caters for the way I like to eat, with which I can see results and which makes me happy I want to read as much as I can about it.

It seems that 40 years ago the health industry came up with the idea that fat is bad and causes all the health problems. So then they tried to prove that and encouraged people to go on a low fat diet. The food industry jumped on board and started producing all sorts of low fat foods ( the fat being replaced by sugar and starch). The scene was then set for people like me who believe what the Drs say and that the only way to not become obese was to eat a low fat diet. Only the cranks said that it was the sugar and the starch that caused the obesity and they were a voice crying int the wilderness. But for people like me they were right. It is the sugar and starch. My body never moved into fat burning mode because it always had so much sugar and starch to process. Now I have cut right back on the sugar and starch I am giving my body time to sort out the fat and it is doing a great job.

I am looking forward to getting rid of the fat roll on my hips and getting my weight under 160lbs. My face legs and arms have slimmed down a lot faster than they usually do on a low fat diet. I am looking forward to seeing what shape my body is going to be when I am a normal weight. I do have bits of loose skin so will start doing more exercise but at my age I cannot expect to be that firm and trim after all the damage I have done to my body over the years with yo yo dieting. Just a nice slim 35,28,36 will suit me nicely and will be a real answer to prayer.

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