Saturday, January 10, 2009


Not posting a weight this morning and is was up this morning after a day in Lusaka yesterday.

We forgot the flask of coffee on the dining room table so stopped at the Fig Tree and got 2 coffees to go. The chap asked if I wanted cappuccinos and I said yes. We enjoyed them so much we stopped on the way back and got another couple for the journey home! Probably full fat milk and think it had cocoa and sugar on the top. Husband had sweetener in his.

I had a bowl of all bran and museli before we left and then eat a couple of hard boiled eggs on the way. We are getting through a lot more eggs these days. Eggs have had a lot of bad press in the past about heart problems but I think it has now been proved that eggs do not raise the bad cholesterol, it is the sugar and starch that do that. So we have gone back to having eggs again. I even had one fried in butter the other day for breakfast. That would have been unthinkable 6 months ago.

I took my vitamins to have with lunch. Will have to put some in a little container to take to SA. I dont want to fill up the suitcase with the big pots of vitamins. We went to O hagens again and I had chicken breast and husband had bream and chips. We also ordered a greek salad and I even put some dressing on it. On my old diets I would eat the bread and leave the dressing. Now it is the other way around.

I bought a new glucose tester that I can buy test strips for in Zambia so that is useful. I also bought some strips to test for ketones. Tested this morning but was negative, ( too much milk in the cappuccinos!) and will test again tomorrow. Good tip was to cut those strips in half. I bought a 100 and so spent last night cutting them thiner so now have 200 test strips!

Was 11 4 and 3/4lbs before I left yesterday morning so hope to be back at that weight tomorrow morning.

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