Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Increased weight loss


For more years that I can remember I have been frightened of eating too much fat. I never have anything fried. When I was eating bread I would never have butter or marge on it and would just have jam ( I know now that would hit my blood stream so fast and cause an insulin spike and then cravings from low blood sugar) I never cooked for myself with oil and would try and resist avocadoa etc.

In the last week or so having reread these low grain diet books they are saying what you must not do is a low fat and low carb diet. So I have been trying to gradually increase my consumption of mainly butter and olive oil. I am not having a lot. Maybe 100 cals worth without changing anythingelse on my daily intake.

I have started hanging my yoghurt again and making that nice thick white cheese. I have been having that on top of fruit for my pudding with cinnamon and sweetner. I also did some left over chicken yesterday and put olive oil in the pan and a little curry powder and some of the yoghurt cheese and then added the chicken. I ate that with ratatouille ( with little olive oil), steamed potatoes, butternut, courgette and cabbage.

I have been very worried that I would get into a stall because of the extra fat but in fact the opposite is true. I am losing weight faster! I am now under the 160lb mark for the first time in years. Only got 7 and a half pounds to go and will make my first goal and then will reset my target and get under the 140lbs.

With this way of eating I feel anything is possible.

I am up early again to work on the accounts and work out the Vat payment. My brain works better first thing in the morning. Power has gone off so working with emergency light and laptop battery power.

Reading the Diet Delusion. It is quite frightning that for years the Drs recommended heart patients should eat less fat and eggs and diabetics should eat more complex carboydrates with very little evidence that such a diet would improve and increase their lifespan. In fact all they were telling them to do was eat more sugar. It turns out that sugar is the main culprit for a host of degenerative diseases, diabeties, heart problems, strokes, cancer ( did you know cancer cells live on glucose? I did not. Also sugar includes what was supposed to be good for us. Complex carbohydrates. Which is just a fancy name for a long chain of sugar molecules. A slice of white bread hits your pancreas and blood stream faster than a tablespoon of sugar. Books say if you must eat it have it with butter or dip it in olive oil to slow the digestion. That is the opposite of everything I thought I knew about dieting.

This is turning my knowledge of nutrition on its head. I know nothing.

Going to do my 10 mins of exercise biking and will then try and figure out the Vat figures for the last quarter.

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