Monday, February 02, 2009

New Plan


I had 2 afternoons last week when I was over eating again. I am not sure what caused it but I was eating chicken polony which may have had starch filler in it.

I also found the one evening I got on the scale and thought OK I weigh more than I did yesterday evening so I may as well not bother and will go and eat more and started on the cheese.

Luckily I have not done too much damage and have only put on a quarter of a pound. Could have been much worse.

I have decided on the following. I will only get on the scale on a Monday morning. The rest of the time I will not weigh myself. I will stop my cereal breakfast and start having 2 eggs in the morning. I will stop eating cheese. Will have my cinammon on my coffee rather than the cereal I am not eating. Will still have the yoghurt later in the day.

I will keep reading my low carb books but will try not to be obessive about the diet. It is going to work but maybe slower now than it was so I must get on with my life and stop thinking about food most of the time.

My birthday tomorrow 57 but I only feel about 37!

My daughter is on the low carb diet and has lost 2.5 kg and is amazed that she can still eat lots of food and can still fry things and lose weight.

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