Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Low carb diet forum


Back on track again. Found this really great forum and am going there at least twice aday to enter my progress.

I did some tummy exercise from the Rosemary Conley DVD yesterday. Did not think I was working that hard but my tummy is sore this morning. Will have another go today. Would like to get a flatter tummy and a waist! Might still be flabby but you cant have everything!

Only 1 and a half pounds to go and I will be back under the 160lbs.

I did get to 158.75 lbs at the beginning of January so am aiming to get back there and then carry on.

Changed my breakfasts to eggs and now some bacon. Also having avos when I can find them.

This is no longer a low calorie diet. Now eating about 1300 cals I think but not weighing anything so difficult to tell but if the weight keeps coming down then I am doing it right.

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