Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trust the Eating Plan


I was really not expecting a weight loss today. I have been eating far more that usual but of that most of it is veg and I have been having a fried bacon and egg breakfast every morning to which I have been adding olive oil and a small amount of butter. I have also been having a whole avocado each day. Half at lunch and half mid afternoon. I have not been hungry at all. I always thought that to lose weight on a diet you had to be hungry but it seems I was wrong about that as well.

I have been upping my exercise program and yesterday did 40 mins exercise to music and 20 mins on the bike.

The days seem to go by so fast these days. I have my forum to post to and that takes a couple of hours aday. Before I know it, it is time to eat again and then time for bed and then another day of food choices.

I had yummy fillet steak yesterday fried in olive oil. Today am doing chicken mince and will probably do little burgers.

Only another lb to go and I will be back to my pre holiday weight and then can continue moving downwards.

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