Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Books on X Syndrome


That is another half a pound off since yesterday morning. That is nearly 5lbs off this month. Less than I usually lose a month, I have been losing 9lbs a month up to Dec, but because of the holiday to UK I am happy with my progress.

The rest of the books I got couriered from UK arrived yesterday. Mainly X syndrome books and diet advice. I skimmed through them in UK but am now rereading them properly. This is such a change to normal diet advice (low fat/low calorie/high complex carbs, that I have failed on so often) it takes a while to absorb it all but all I can say is that it works for me and I will never go back to low fat high carb dieting.

My sister in law got in touch over the weekend asking for advice on losing weight so told her about the south beach diet sites and also the Easy Australian Diet book in Lusaka and will see how she gets on.

I had friends yesterday commenting on my weight loss. I saw a video of myself taken in July this year when I was 15st and my stomach was enormous. I am so pleased I dont still look like that.

My birthday in Feb so would be good to get under the 11 stone 154lbs by then and will then drift down through the 10stones and hope to settle in the upper 9 stones. That should be about right for my height. I really dont know what my normal proper weight should be as I have always been over weight. When I have managed to lose weight it has just been temporary and within a few weeks the lbs have started piling on again. This time it will be different as I know why my weight always increased. It was my hormones! Insulin has been my problem all along ( for the past 40 years).

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