Monday, December 22, 2008

Another pound gone

11st 10 3/4lbs

Was pleased and surprised to find I weigh a pound less than yesterday. The weight has been stuck since I got back from UK on Friday. So had 3 days the same and then a drop. Finding it easy to get back into my routine again. Got into my new black jeans yesterday that I could not do up before I went to UK. I was only 2lbs lighter but the fat must have shifted somewhere as waist is definitely an inch smaller.

I bought some nice new tops and underthings in UK and also a black frock that I got from a second hand shop. Am going through my drawers and cupboards clearing out the big stretched stuff as I will never need it again.

I posted my new books back so will check if they have arrived today in Mkushi. I got a whole load of X syndrome, south beach, no grain books and read them all in UK. Decided not to weigh down my suitcase with them so posted them all.

Worked out I have two and a half pounds more to lose and I will have lost 50lbs. Should do that by New Year. I am going to do a no grain Christmas dinner. Will do a baked potato instead of roast. Have got some ice cream and so will have some of that for dessert for the Christmas meal only. Have got some chocolates in the fridge and will allow myself one ferrero rocher if I really want one. Then will give all the rest away and get back to my eating plan the next meal. Not having the meal in my house so should not be lots of left overs to tempt me. Funny thing is that I no longer have the cravings and desire for any food in the fridge or pantry now. I have a normal appetite at long last. I can have chocolate or biscuits in the house and not finish off the packets and throw away the wrappers to hide the evidence! Now my insulin/glucose levels are stable my eating is under control for the first time in my life.

I bought a glucose monitor in UK and now have to see if I can order the test strips for it as it only came with 10 test strips and I have used 3 already. My early morning glucose was 5.4 which I think is normal. Will look that up.

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