Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling good so far

Last week I ate out 3 times at restaurants and also yesterday evening hosted a dinner party and feel I am still in control and not over eating. Had potato wedges at the one restaurant and then curry and rice at the other one for 2 lunches.

Looked up the Australian diet again in the book and this lady only had potato or pumpkin twice a week. I am having every day!

What I have given up completely is bread of any sort. I used to have brown bread but I could never stop at 2 slices.

Nearer the 14 stone 7 than over 15 stone that I was 4 weeks ago so it is all good.

Bought some interesting tinned tomatoes the other day. Tomato with black olives and tomato with origano. If feeling hungry heat a tin of that up and eat it like a soup.

Hope to get under the 14 stones and into the 13's within the next 4 weeks. School starts in 2 weeks for the last term for me. Could be 1 stone less than the end of last term by then.

Will google the Australian diet and see what the latest recommendations are. But happy so far with my own version.

Breakfast bran flakes and museli with skim milk.

lunch steamed chicken or fish with steamed veg rice or potatoes.
small yoghurt.


2 bowls veg soup with liquidised veg and milk.

K that is it for today.

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