Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am not a total failure

Well here we go again. The reason I have not posted for a year is not because I am still beautifully slim but because my eating went back to 'normal' mode and when I went for a medical 3 weeks ago I was back to over 15st and blood pressure 150/90.

This last year life got fairly hectic. I spent 6 weeks in UK helping my daughter with the new twins and we flew back together. Settled back in for about 3 weeks and son in law had a plane accident and so I spent the next 2 months in SA visiting him in hospital and supporting my other daughter who had her first baby end of October. Son in law now walking and baby crawling. I got home in December and just flopped.

Not going to worry about last year but am now going to slowly lose the weight by changing my whole eating plan and am going to make changes for life.

In the 4 weeks since the medical I have lost 7lbs and got my blood pressure down to 142/82.

I decided to put my notice in at school and this will be my last term. I will be on call if they need me but will not be tied to timetabled lessons and can take holidays whenever I want.

My husband and I decided to change our mealplans and we now have our main meal at lunchtime. This seems to have solved the problem of the afternoon munchies as I now feel full after a big meal at lunchtime.

I bought a steamer the other day with 2 tiers and have been using that regularly. I can do chicken pieces or fish with potato and pumpkin in the base and then cabbage corgettes carrots in the top.

It may be a problem when I am back at school as I need to turn in on for at least 35 mins but if I fill it with boiling water that saves time and we can eat before 1.

Then I take the liquid from the drip tray in the steamer and any left over vegetables and liquidize it all for a soup in the evening.

Husband is having toast or bread with his soup but I am following the Australian womans weekly low carb diet and have given up bread entirely. I did not think I could do it but am finding it much easier than I expected.

So I have bran flakes with museli mixed in and low fat milk for breakfast. One cup of coffee am and tea rest of the day. Lunch all the veg plus either fish or chicken with no skin. Evening 2 big bowls vegetable soup.

Also taking hoodiia at lunch time. I got some new bottles when I was down south in December and this batch is working for me.

Not making any impossible goals but would like to get under the 11 stone again by my birthday in February.

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