Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going against the Grain

Been doing some research on the internet and found details of a book about a low grain diet. This is not the atkins diet where you eat lots of meat and fatty foods.

This is an eating plan where you replace the grain foods with mainly vegetables.

She says that some people become addicted to carbohydrates and I am sure I was one of them. The more I ate the more I wanted and I felt bloated and sleepy after stuffing myself with bread.

So I am now bread free. I still have rice occasionally with my main meal and my bran cereal in the morning.

Have now lost 12lbs without feeling deprived and my face and bust have slimmed down. Feeling a lot more active and tidying up dark corners of my house and chucking rubbish out.

In Lusaka tomorrow so will go for a curry for lunch and get some tinned tomato relish and have that for dinner.

Hope to lose another couple of pounds and get under the 14 stone mark in the next 2 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. thanks for dropping into diannesjourney. I have been reading your blog. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and views and in lots of ways they are close to my own although I am somewhat perplexed by the whole lowcarb vs med high carb vs low GI diets. I am the queen of Dr Atkins and without a doubt I found it worked then again I found weight watchers also worked as did loads of other diets i tried. I read a book called 'what would Jesus eat" which focus's on food of biblical times and have found that fascinating (mediteranian diet). I now dont eat any sugar and have one sourdough roll if I fancy it with loads of salad and fish and I eat fruit. For the first time in my life I feel in control. I wish you success on your journey and I guess the best thing is we really are all different. xx Dianne